ARTISTS | David Orrico
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Cre.Art Project is a multidisciplinary performing arts group based in New York and Madrid, founded in 2006 by Guillermo Laporta and Tagore González with subsequent incorporation of designer David Orrico.


This collective works through multidisciplinary interaction; and has produced shows in Europe and America collaborating on a wide range of projects in music, theatre, dance and visual arts gathering musicians, visual artists, dancers, actors, writers, designers, and acrobats from all over the world to create original performances.


Cre.Art Project has appeared at leading venues and festivals across Europe and America, with a wide range of productions like the musical “London the Show”, the multimedia music

series “Visuality” or the opera “Noctum” with reviews stating “an explosion of rhythm, colour and sensitivity” (El diario del alto aragon) “a shocking staging” (El Pais) winning top prizes like injuve chamber music competition and the montehermoso contemporary creation award.

Guillermo Laporta

Founder & New York based Director  


Tagore Gonzalez

Founder & Madrid based director 

David Orrico

Founder & Madrid based director 



**Rick Cekovsky, actor

**Morgelyn Tenbeth Ward, dancer

**Keir Gogwilt, violinist

**Yves Dharamraj, cellist

**Josefina Urraca, pianist, assistant director and co-producer

**Guillermo Laporta, flutist, director, co-producer, projection designer and set designer

**Jason Fok, light designer

** Member of the ensemble currently on tour.

Doori Na, violinist

Nathan Schram, violist

Miho Zaitsu, cellist

Tagore González, clarinetist

Anton Rist, clarinetist

JP. Jofre, bandoneonist

Brittany Crowell, stage manager

Katie Kennedy, stage manner

Robert Capria, cinematographer

Hannah DeBlock, singer

Toby Heifetz, painter




Diego García, acrobat

Eugenia Enguita, singer

Vicky Terrádez, acrobat

Miguel Branca, actor

Elena Vives, acrobat

Álvaro Llorente, cellist

Ángel Sánchez , acrobat

Lucio Baglivo, acrobat and dancer

Josefina Urraca, pianist

Luis Miguel García, violist




Miguel Angel Bernardeau, executive Producer

Roger Julia, theater director

Toni González, actor

Roger Zanuy, actor

Agustín Arrazola, writer

Igor Santos , dancer

JúLia Cortés, dancer

Francesc Fernández,dancer

Sergi Orduña, dancer

Wendy García, dancer

Igor Santos, acrobat

Gonzalo Fernández, acrobat

Victor Garmendia, acrobat

Natalia Calderón, singer

Mayka Edjo, singer

Guillermo Álvarez, guitarist

Gito Maletá, pianist

Ander García, bassist

Luis Caruana, bandoneonist

Carlos Úrbez, sitarist

Miguel ángel “Pt”, drummer

David Romano, percussionist

Pablo Sartorius, light designer

Ramón Luna, projection designer

Josué Pascual, sound designer

Pablo Schuller, sound designer

Joaquín Hidalgo, film director

Juan GonzáLez, cinematographer

Alejandro Juaquotoc, film director

Julia Skupny, film director

Eduardo Lavandeira, cinematographer

Ángel Castillo, film editor

Israel Rodríguez, motion graphic designer

Charles H. Joslain, film director

Steven Kwon, actor

Mis Mis Thaba, actor

John Rooney, actor

Chris Barrett, actor

Charles Belleville, film director

Matthew Ross, film editor

Iratxe and Irene, actresses

Konstantin, actor

Michal Witer, actor

Piotr Bockowski, actor

Marcin Filik, actor

Shanai Stomer, actress

Assaz Mograbi, actor

Eufrasio Gues, actor

Nicolas Lima, actor

Valerie, actress

Rita Rachado, actress

Isabel Rodriguez, actress

Zuzana Razusova, actress

Sara Kolata, actress

Lewis, actor

Francisco, actor

Bary, actor

Marianna, actress

Ida, actress

Michal, actor

Pomieczynscy, actor

Adas Milczanowski, actor

Marek Stawicki, actor

Leon, actor

Francisco Gómez Villaboa, actor

Diego Gabete, actor

Corina, actress

Jesús Marfil, actor

José Luis Reyes, actor

Lidia Soler, actress

André Evara, actor

Moi, actor

Antonio Jesús Pinto Tortosa, actor

Scott Neich, actor

Carla Orete, costume designer

Roberto Carvajal, set designer

Fernando Navarro, set designer

Marcos Fernandez, composer




Guillem Calvo, violinist

Daniel López, violinist

Mireia Ferrer, violinist

Ricardo Cuende, violinist

Mikel Zunzundegui, cellist

Jaime Puerta, cellist

Eduardo Anoz, double bass player

Yanyi Gil, clarinetist

Paco Cornejo, oboist

Miguel Mesa, fagotist

Esteve Casanova, fagotist

Estefanía Beceiro, horn player

Alejandro Vázquez, horn player

Juan Luis Novo, trombonist

Nuno Marques, pianist

Ana Galindo, pianist

Elur Arrieta, percussionist

Rosa Montañés, percussionist

Luis Guzmán, percussionist

Maria José Ubera, dancer

Frida Moberg, dancer

Ramona Nagabczynski , dancer

Alicia Rodriguez, dancer

Noemi Viana, dancer

Mariana Camiloti, dancer

Ángel Munoz, motion graphic designer

Sara Varas, composer

Fernando Martínez, light designer

Marian Gerrikabeitia, cinematographer

Juanan Ross, sound engineer

Pablo Casas, light designer

Gabriel Radeff, cinematographer

Ian Stewart, composer

Oscar Colomina, composer and conductor

Sergi Casanelles, composer

Íker Sanchez, conductor

Carlos Gil, conductor

Ricardo Calvo, graphic designer

Roberto Del Val, graphic designer

Diego GonzáLez, graphic designer